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#029 – Grand Theft Camel (feat. Josh Mendoza)

Judd’s spawn arrives, Darren eats meat, and Josh Mendoza stops by to tell us why you shouldn’t date people from Intervention. #FishinForAWetNugget Recorded on January 11th, 2018

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#027 – Dammit Brittany

Our guest (Brittany) is a no show, we catch up on some emails, test out some new gear, and Darren discusses the merits of exclusively eating meat… Get your...

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#026 – Donuts and Mayonaisse (feat. Josh Mendoza)

Former Sangre guitarist Josh Mendoza stops by, Judd talks about Joe Rogan (again), Corey Feldman may have been raped, and reality TV is bullshit, except when love intervenes. Recorded...

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Behind The Mic

Chris Judd

Show Host

Known as the one who can never get a god damn word in.

Chris Beets

Show Host

If you need to know about Ghengis Khan, this is your guy.

Darren Eriksen

Show Host

His dick is currently and always will be warm.

Josh Mendoza

Show Host

We are not sure yet but definitely not Karen.

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