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#037 – Vent-free Death Stars

LARPers have big dick energy. Trump’s Death Star won’t have a thermal exhaust port. And what’s in an Indio Loco? Recorded 07-22-18.

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#036 – Chimps Can’t Swim

Fireworks are stupid and so is your dad. Say what you will about the Nazis, but they had a solid marketing department. Dr. Seuss might just be a fascist....

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#035 – The Oxford Vagina

Darren sprains his ankle, but he earned his N-card in the process. We receive a very sexy email and try to determine if there’s a narcissist among us. Recorded...

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#034 – My Favorite Suicide

Anthony Bourdain is dead, Beets tries mushrooms, Darren goes to Oregon, and the search for the fourth cast member is finally over! Recorded 6-8-18.

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#033 – The Fridgecats (feat. Rachel Hoffman)

We learn that Home schooling has mixed results, Judd and Darren share shrooming stories, and Josh’s wife drops by to tell us why she keeps her cats in the...

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Behind The Mic

Chris Judd

Show Host

Known as the one who can never get a god damn word in.

Chris Beets

Show Host

If you need to know about Ghengis Khan, this is your guy.

Darren Eriksen

Show Host

His dick is currently and always will be warm.

Josh Mendoza

Show Host

The Whitest Filipino.