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#042 – Bumfights in Space!

This week on the podcast, we learn that the only thing Josh hates more than fat people, is people who dial wrong numbers. We try to answer the eternal...

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#041 – #doubleblack

Stouts are strong. Sex is a whack ass gift. “Beef Ridge” is a great lesbian band name. Recorded 09-07-18. Buy our Merch: rdbl.co/2IS9IzC Buy stuff on Amazon: amzn.to/2yYKFoK Get...

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#038 – Attack of the Night Bee

This week on the podcast, Judd might have mesothelioma and it makes him feel like going postal. We also dive into the world of craft sex toys. Why is...

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Behind The Mic

Chris Judd

Show Host

Known as the one who can never get a god damn word in.

Chris Beets

Show Host

If you need to know about Ghengis Khan, this is your guy.

Darren Eriksen

Show Host

His dick is currently and always will be warm.

Josh Mendoza

Show Host

The Whitest Filipino.