#039 – Debbie Does Phonix (feat. Nicole Abrams)

This week on the podcast, we dive into the diaries of a mad woman who also happens to be Josh’s mom. We also share our dreams, talk about manscaping, and imagine the best fight match-ups for Michael Cera.

Recorded 08-18-18.

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#038 – Attack of the Night Bee

This week on the podcast, Judd might have mesothelioma and it makes him feel like going postal. We also dive into the world of craft sex toys. Why is the word “pee-pee” so unsexy? Beets Me.

Recorded 08-03-18.

#037 – Vent-free Death Stars

LARPers have big dick energy. Trump’s Death Star won’t have a thermal exhaust port. And what’s in an Indio Loco?

Recorded 07-22-18.

#036 – Chimps Can’t Swim

Fireworks are stupid and so is your dad. Say what you will about the Nazis, but they had a solid marketing department. Dr. Seuss might just be a fascist.

Recorded 07-07-18.

#035 – The Oxford Vagina

Darren sprains his ankle, but he earned his N-card in the process. We receive a very sexy email and try to determine if there’s a narcissist among us.

Recorded 06-22-18.

#034 – My Favorite Suicide

Anthony Bourdain is dead, Beets tries mushrooms, Darren goes to Oregon, and the search for the fourth cast member is finally over!

Recorded 6-8-18.

#033 – The Fridgecats (feat. Rachel Hoffman)

We learn that Home schooling has mixed results, Judd and Darren share shrooming stories, and Josh’s wife drops by to tell us why she keeps her cats in the fridge.

Recorded on April 21st 2018.

#032 – Chris Beets His Brother (feat. Matt Kaiser)

Beets’ brother Matt stops by, we discuss how we spent our Easter, doing kid shit as a grown up, and drugs (as usual).

Recorded on April 4th 2018.

#030 – Prescription Strength D*ck (feat. Chris Jacobsmeyer)

Do you like trains? Chris Jacobsmeyer does. We break down the top 10 list of countries that like to fuck, compare getting drunk on wine vs. beer, talk about masturbation, Big Macs, and heroin.


Recorded on Jan. 19th 2018.

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#029 – Grand Theft Camel (feat. Josh Mendoza)

Judd’s spawn arrives, Darren eats meat, and Josh Mendoza stops by to tell us why you shouldn’t date people from Intervention.


Recorded on January 11th, 2018