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#065 – Digglering

In this episode our audience will learn about Digglering, and we open the mail bag. — This episode is sponsored by ยท Anchor: The easiest way to make a...

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#061 – Minutemen

In this episode we discuss the censorship of homosexuality in China, continental drift, musicals, heterosexual male cuddling, and we open the mail bag. Recorded on 3-29-2019. Want to get...

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#060 – Jesus was a 7

This week on the podcast Josh is at the Mint 400, Freddy Mercury’s teeth are gross, everyone’s a Ford Taurus in Upstate NY and the boys talk about random...

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Behind The Mic

Chris Judd

Show Host

Known as the one who can never get a god damn word in.

Chris Beets

Show Host

If you need to know about Ghengis Khan, this is your guy.

Darren Eriksen

Show Host

His dick is currently and always will be warm.

Josh Mendoza

Show Host

The Whitest Filipino.