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#049 – Dr. Seuss Got Me Laid

In this episode we get “white girl wasted” with some of our listeners during our first ever live chat . Recorded 11-16-18. Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/itjustgetsworse/support

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#048 – Goo Manchu

This week on the podcast, we chat about video games and how they make us better people, international cuisine, anal worm farming, and lard festivals. Recorded 11-10-18. Become a...

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#046 – The Machine God (feat. Brandon Noah)

In this episode, Brandon joins us to talk about material science, space elevators, dating, and a very special man he met in Salt Lake City. Recorded 10-13-18. Become a...

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#045 – Buttshuffling

This week one the podcast, Beets is back to babble about bats and Breaking Bad. Joe Rogan and Wesley Snipes face off in a battle for the ages and...

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Behind The Mic

Chris Judd

Show Host

Known as the one who can never get a god damn word in.

Chris Beets

Show Host

If you need to know about Ghengis Khan, this is your guy.

Darren Eriksen

Show Host

His dick is currently and always will be warm.

Josh Mendoza

Show Host

The Whitest Filipino.